Papaya Playa Project

CreatrCo was commssioned for a month long stint with Papaya Playa Project. The main objectives were to create a repetoire of beautiful lifestyle, architectural, and food images, while also exposing some lesser known resort activities such as the star collector and kitesurf lessons. The property also wanted a series of short form videos to use on IG reels and tiktoks. the content continues to be reposted on the resorts social channels over a year later.

Westin Hapuna

Westin Hapuna was in the process of launching their “Eat Well, Move Well, Sleep Well” campaign and required photo and video assets to convey each of the three brand pillars. CreatrCo created and executed a shotlist that not only put the pillars on display, but also showcased unique aspects of the resort such as excursions, on property gardens, the newly renovated fitness center and much more. The video that was produced was used on in room televisions for the duration of the campaign.

Toussaint Dallas

As a brand new restaurant, Toussaint Dallas was in need of various types of photography collateral ranging from architectural, to vignettes of the unique decor, and of course, the iconic drinks to aid in its initial launch imagery. CreatrCo worked with the property and management team to create a shot list that efficiently showcased the space despite the fact that much of the resturaunt was still under construction. The photo assets created aided in a successful launch for the restaurant.